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6 governance habits to create success in global staffing

13 September 2011 Offshoring

The traditional outsourcing model uses a fixed price or SLA as a basis to manage the relationship between the people onshore and offshore. The agreement is based on result. In global staffing, the agreement is based on effort and availability. …

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How to make an offshore programmer wildly motivated?

12 August 2011 Offshoring

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about oral versus written communication in offshoring. One of my clients pointed me to another interesting question: how to make an offshore programmer enthusiastic about your project, how to motivate him and get …

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The future of offshoring: global staffing

The past years, offshoring and nearshoring have become widespread among Western companies. Driven by the lack of skilled (IT) people in Western Europe, the high wages for IT people and the greying population, this industry is predicted to grow substantially …

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Does offshoring lead to a loss of knowledge?

Volkskrant, a popular newspaper in the Netherlands, published an article with the title ‘knowledge economy under pressure because of shortage of IT people‘. In the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe), there are big shortages of skilled IT people. ICT …

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The 5 key success factors in offshore software development

If you have considered outsourcing or offshoring software development recently, you may have thought about the key success factors to ‘make it work’. In the past years, I have gained substantial experience in how to (and how not to) manage …

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