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We Help You Augment Your Team the Right Way

Our dedicated resource team or the Distributed Agile Teams model helps global businesses in building tailor-made agile teams of software professionals with diverse skill sets and domain expertise to drive their development projects to success. We offer the most reliable, knowledgeable, and safe teams for extending your existing teams and for achieving your business goals peacefully. As our teams glide through each project requirement with ease and focus, you can fix all your attention on your business objectives. Moreover, you have the freedom to hire a fully managed agile team or even individual experts; whatever it takes to fulfill your business needs!

Let’s solve your skill deficiencies by empowering your in-house development team with an agile team of dedicated resources.

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How Does Our Distributed Agile Team Help You?

bridgyEmpower your in-house technology expertise

The unavailability of the right technical talents is the main reason why businesses struggle to kickoff and deliver their projects. Our Distributed Agile Teams model offers the right skills at the right time wherever you are. It frees you from the expensive burden of hiring or training in-house teams. You can hire the right mix of skilled technical resources from our huge vetted talent pool on either a short or long-term basis.

bridgyMore focus on your business

We know that you have a business to focus on. Your tech projects, no matter how complex they are, shouldn’t divert your attention from your core business functions. Our agile team of self-organizing and cross-functional professionals proactively takes care of your technology and talent needs. We move forward with well-planned strategies and our own responsibility for the decisions we make.

bridgyHigh-quality delivery

Our agile teams are not mere doers of clients’ perspectives. They always come up with innovative ideas and passionately contribute a lot to your business value. They start working on your project with total commitment to the project goals. They grasp your business goals and orient their tasks to fulfill these goals. This helps them to stand in the users’ shoes and craft innovative solutions.

bridgyLess effort, cost, and liability

As the Distributed Agile Team members are employed and trained by us, you are saving a lot of time, money, efforts, and liabilities with regard to recruiting/managing these teams. We incur the infrastructural investments and we take the pain of training them and molding them as highly progressive and collaborative professionals. Moreover, you are saved from the hectic and costly process of hiring additional in-house employees.

bridgyYou never run out of expertise

As your business needs keep changing, so should your team size and skills. Our on-demand and scalable agile teams are highly flexible. We provide excellent techies to satisfy your new skills needs or additional teammates to strengthen the existing skill tank. You can hand-pick your teammates and scale up and scale down (cut or extend) the team any time you want.

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Our Technology Expertise

It is people who determine the future and success of any project. If you’ve got the right people, you can be assured of a positive business outcome. So, how about choosing people who are versatile in all trending technologies and can handle complexities with ease and efficiency?

Choosing a highly competent remote team of dedicated resources is a proven recipe for success. Our Distributed Agile Teams offer multifarious benefits to your project as they are self-sufficient in terms of knowledge and skills, and even managerial capabilities. In simple terms, by hiring our dedicated software professionals, you are getting a well-composed team of coders, designers, testers, analysts, etc.

Why Choose Our Virtual Teams?

Looking for more reasons to hire our Distributed Agile Teams or individual techies? Have a look at some of the much-admired features of this model. If you never want to miss your deadlines or lack software development capabilities to launch your product, hiring our remote agile teams is the best option.

If your focus is not in-house team augmentation but rather getting a full-cycle development team, Agile Projects service model is a great choice.

Distributed Teams

  • Undeniable upper hand for clients

    The tech experts forming the distributed agile teams are hand-picked personally by the clients. We just screen the best candidates and place them before you. You have active participation in the screening and selection process. You can confidently call our teams ‘your own’ as they function as your own dedicated resources.

  • Totally Agile

    We strictly abide by the Distributed Agile Teams Model of working formulated by our founder Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and Agile coach. Our agile teams focus on short release cycles, faster development, frequent and timely delivery. We are proud to be a fully agile entity with even the non-IT teams also working in the agile model.

  • Super-Progressive attitude

    Our Dutch roots and international business presence have helped us to adopt a progressive mindset. Each team member is groomed into a dynamic culture from the time of joining. Our flat organization structure helps us to act as independent decision-making units with facilitators guiding and motivating the teams.

  • Truly Self-Organized

    We are self-directed agile teams that are guided by self-organizing principles. We take charge of the situations instantaneously, voluntarily pick up tasks, and own them. Our distributed teammates work without micro supervision. We are mature enough to say ‘No’ to a task if we feel less confident in fulfilling it. Yes, we hate giving false promises!

  • Highly Cross-Functional

    Our teams are highly cross-functional as they consist of cross-skilled individuals. Formal and informal exchanges between departments and functions help us to have an enhanced outlook and perception. This helps us to formulate innovative solutions.

  • Perfect Flexibility

    Our teams are flexible and perfectly adapt to the client’s business needs. Clients can scale up or scale down the size of the team on-demand. We customize the team by adjusting team members, hiring new members, providing support from high-level architects etc.

  • Flawless Collaboration

    Our proven remote collaboration strategy helps you enjoy zero cultural, language, or time-zone barriers. As we ensure a minimum of at least 5 hours’ time overlap between the in-house and distributed teams, everybody is in the loop always. Daily stand-ups with the onshore teammates, periodic offshore and onshore visits, etc. further help us spark a brilliant working relationship.

If you are confused about choosing the right model, do not worry. Our best minds will help you choose the best.

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Do you want to have a customized virtual team that integrates well with your in-house experts and can empower the existing skills seamlessly? Are you looking for high-quality delivery of your tech projects in a peaceful yet sophisticated style? Are you wishing to have an agile team that can work effortlessly on any of your software development projects, which may range from tailoring a running platform, building a prototype for start-ups, or executing complex enterprise technology solutions? The Distributed Agile Teams is the solution if your answer is ‘yes’ to any one or all of these questions!

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