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Distributed Agile Teams

We enjoy a dominant presence in the global IT collaboration landscape. We serve the software solution needs of our clients through the Distributed Agile Team model. Through this model, we empower your in-house team with an extended team of experienced IT professionals.

Distributed Agile Team United States

Check out why our Distributed Teams are unique

  • Clients enjoy upper hand
    The tech experts forming the distributed teams are hand-picked from a vetted global talent pool by the clients. They have active participation in the process of screening and selection. Clients can confidently call our teams ‘their own’ as they function as their own dedicated teams.
  • Super-Progressive attitude
    Our Dutch roots and international business presence have helped us to adopt a progressive mindset. Each team member is groomed into a dynamic culture from the time of joining. Our flat organization structure helps us to act as independent decision-making units with facilitators guiding and motivating the teams.
  • Truly Self-Organized
    Our teams are guided by self-organizing principles. They take charge of the situations instantaneously. We voluntarily pick up tasks and own them without wasting time waiting for directions. Our distributed team mates work without supervision from the client’s side. We are mature enough to say ‘No’ to a task if we feel less confident in fulfilling it.
  • Highly Cross-Functional
    Our teams are highly cross-functional as they consist of cross-skilled individuals. Formal and informal exchanges between departments and functions help us to have enhanced outlook and perception. This helps us to formulate innovative solutions.
  • Totally Agile
    We strictly abide with the distributed Agile model of working formulated by our founder Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and Agile coach. Our Agile teams focus on short release cycles, faster development, frequent and timely delivery. We are proud to be a fully Agile entity with even the non-IT teams also working in the agile model.
  • Perfect Flexibility
    Our teams are flexible and perfectly adapt to the client’s business needs. Clients can scale up or scale down the size of the team on-demand. We customize the team by adjusting team members, hiring new members, providing support from high level architects etc.
  • Flawless Collaboration
    Our proven remote collaboration strategy helps us to have zero cultural and geographic barriers. Our progressive mindset, daily stand-ups with the onshore team mates, periodic offshore and onshore visits etc. help us to nullify the cultural barriers. As we ensure a minimum of at least 5 hours’ time overlap between the teams, geographical/time-zone break is taken care of well.

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