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End-to-End Responsibility of Your Software Project

As a veteran name in the software development outsourcing business, Bridge Global has countless tales of project success. Most of these tales are made possible through our tried and tested service models. While our Distributed Agile Team model enables fabulous team augmentation of clients’ in-house teams, our Agile Projects model helps clients to hire developers who have the expertise to execute end-to-end development tasks.

If you are seeking to associate with a software outsourcing company that will smartly understand your requirements and deliver them with complete accountability, do not wander here and there. Our Agile Projects model is the right pick for you.

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What Is the Agile Projects Model All About?

We have designed the Agile Projects service model as an ambitious outsourcing strategy wherein we act as a comprehensive development partner for our clients. We will oversee and manage the entire development process according to stipulations our clients provide prior to the start of the engagement. The majority of the responsibility will lie with us and hence we own the projects from start to finish.

The end result of this? Our clients can have a peaceful development journey once we start managing the projects. They can focus more on core business strategy rather than banging their head on project intricacies. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the project with maximum efficiency and agility.

Our responsibility covers the following.

  • Manage the whole process from beginning to end
  • Handle it from architecture to design to development to delivery
  • Define and take care of the process
  • Provide a skillful team to manage the entire project
  • Understand the diverse aspects and fix the most suitable tech stack
  • Focus on the result traversing through a smart agile project management process

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What Makes Our Agile Projects Model Unique

  • A team of self-organized and cross-functional techies

    We are a known name in the software development landscape for our self-organized and cross-functional approach. Being one of the pioneer technology companies to adopt the agile software development processes, our teams have the inherent ability to organize around project goals voluntarily. This has helped us to have self-organization and cross-functionality in our DNA.

    These unique traits have helped us to provide on-time delivery of high-quality solutions while augmenting delivery flow and removing impediments. It’s a dream come true situation for many global businesses to get an agile, cross-functional team as an all-inclusive development partner.

  • A team that understands your vision just as you do

    Running a business will be exciting and fulfilling only if you have a team that understands your vision and shares your passion. This holds true when you set out to get a software product developed. We believe that epic things can happen only with an epic team and your project needs one. We have potent project managers who unify, communicate, and promote the vision among the teammates.

    We ensure that every teammate takes active interest to know our client’s business goals and understand the project objective lucidly. Because we know that it’s the only way to match the result with their dream.

  • A model that helps you hit the market early and effectively

    We follow the agile software development method that divides tasks and gets them done in a repeatable fixed time-box known as Sprints. We roll out a minimum viable product (MVP) in each SPRINT that helps you validate your market and product. As we build an increment of functionality during every sprint, you will be able to hit the market early. A product with just enough features to satisfy early users is a great tool for you to analyze the market and refine the product. This approach helps in reducing the cost and risk of entering the market with a full-blown product.

  • A model that permits flexibility in every SPRINT

    Requirement changes and budget adjustments are allowed after each SPRINT. As we follow an extremely iterative approach, the project can take into account the user and market behavior changes at any time. We have designed it as a perfect ‘agile meets outsourcing model’. We don’t believe in our client ‘throwing a project over the wall’ and ‘throwing the project back after completing’.

    We’ve conceived the Agile Projects service model as collaborative teamwork that involves information sharing, problem-solving and creation of MVPs, and the provision for failing fast. Our teams work with a single mindset to find solutions by grasping end users’ needs. We accomplish the project by taking into account budget, scope and timeframe. We can allow variations in any of these factors if the situation demands so.

  • An approach that gives you more control and less risk

    The product owner from the client-side is the owner of the project throughout the project lifecycle. After handing us the documentation on initial requirements and specifications, we take on the project with full accountability. We are responsible for ensuring the execution and delivery as expected. You are relieved from a lot of stressful tasks as we oversee the entire development process. It covers refining the idea, prioritizing features, managing resources, establishing the specs, earmarking workflow, setting timescales, quality testing, building and launching MVPs, and final delivery.


An Outsourcing Model with all the Agile Benefits

Yes, that’s what our Agile Projects model is all about. By choosing it, you are in for an exceptional outsourcing experience that delivers all the benefits of agile software development. If you are looking for well-defined timelines and deliverables before the engagement begins, and want a specific product developed without any management worries, choose us now.

Rest your dream project on the shoulders of agile-enthusiastic development professionals!

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