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A Quick Glimpse into Our Heritage

We are a Netherlands-based IT solutions provider guided and inspired by self-organizing ideologies. The seed of our birth sprouted in the mind of Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and distributed Agile expert. An astonishing vision forms the foundation of our existence.

A Long Story Short…

Well, it all began in the year 2004, when Hugo visited India and fell deeply in love with this physically and culturally diverse nation. He explored the country, and this acted as a huge eye-opener. He was immensely impressed by the massive intellectual and IT possibility that the country offered.

In the year 2005, he started Bridge Global as a unique and inspiring entity in the global IT collaboration scenario. The vision is to extend remote IT teams to global enterprises to help them achieve their corporate visions. We solve the talent crunch and cost hurdles of businesses worldwide by offering tailor-made IT teams possessing the right talents.

The entire organization works in a self-organizing way with firm devotion to Agile Scrum development principles. We have successfully scaled Agile techniques across departments other than IT (Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR etc.). We are proud providers of IT solutions across cultures and distance. We know how to blur boundaries with the help of technology and right attitude.

We have business presence in the US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, India and Ukraine.

Have a look at our elaborate corporate profile and technical capabilities.