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We take CSR seriously and we believe in putting some thoughtful efforts to improve society. Giving back to the society has been one of the cherished ideas at Bridge Global. Bridgys are keen to take part in a host of charity drives to provide social and economic support to the less-privileged in the society.

A group of volunteers at Bridge have formed a self-organized group named ‘CARE’ to coordinate and organize donations and all kinds of help to genuine social causes.

Each year the team charts out a plan and identifies institutions, individuals and catastrophes to which all likeminded Bridgys contribute. The contribution would always be in the nature that will satisfy the requirement of the needy rather than simply handing over an amount collected.

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If it’s a family, we cover the expense of the child’s education; if it’s an orphanage or an old age home, we provide school stationeries, daily essentials like grains, pulses, clothes and toiletries or any goodies that will put a bright smile on the recipient’s face. We endeavour to carry on this movement to extend help as much as we can.

These social initiatives are real eye-openers for us. We are really delighted to know the difference that we can make in person’s life by parting with a very small portion of earnings and by spending a few hours!

If you know of any genuine people, institutions or cases that could need help, you can drop in an email to