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The perfect blend of progressive attitude and brilliant technical aptitude has made us a notable entity in the IT collaboration scene. Our industry expertise spanning over a decade has helped us in crafting unique remote collaboration strategies. We stay updated on the current technological trends and shed valuable insights helping you to take informed decisions.


A place where you get frequent updates on company news, recent industry drifts and the hottest digital strategies.

Corporate Profile

We have a rich legacy and an amazing vision that revolves around creating highly successful global IT partnerships.


We help enterprises to set up offshore locations under the tutelage of our founder. Gain insights from a series of crowd-sourced eBooks.


A series of video presentations on offshoring, global staffing, distributed collaboration, Agile remote teams and a lot more.

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Our enthusiastic software engineers take pleasure in conducting technical events, workshops, webinars, meetups etc.

Collaborating with inspiring people can do wonders for your business. Are you ready?

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