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The art of managing remote teams

A series of eBooks by the distributed agile expert Hugo Messer

Here is a precious collection of eBooks to strengthen your arsenal of remote team management tools. They shed light on everything you need to know about setting up and managing offshore/nearshore software development teams successfully.

Get a great hand-holding on organizing effective offshore/nearshore software development teams that fetch positive results.


eBook Project - The Story

We know from our experience that many people are worried about setting up and managing offshore/nearshore teams successfully. We always get queries regarding:

  • How to get prepared for managing a remote team ?
  • How to organize nearshore and offshore collaboration ?
  • How to overcome cultural differences when managing offshore/nearshore teams?
  • How to communicate effectively with a remote team ?
  • How to manage people in our remote team ?

We realized that most books on the topic offer dry theoretical approaches to offshoring/nearshoring. All of them lack practical experiences and real life stories. In order to fill this gap, Hugo Messer, the founder of Bridge Global wrote a series of books as a crowdsourcing project.

The authors are people from different parts of the world who have stood with their feet in the mud, people who have torn out their hair because things didn't work as easily as managing people in your own office. Each eBook contains chapters written by 3-5 authors and each author gives their view on the particular topic. Enjoy reading our eBooks and save yourself from making the same mistakes others made.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to Hugo Messer -

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