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This Is Why E-commerce and Brick & Mortar Should Co-Exist

11 April 2019 Ecommerce

If you have ever felt that brick-and-mortar stores are doomed due to the huge success of online stores, you are wrong! Because, both offline and online stores are complementary, and none of them can be redundant. Why Is Combining In-Store …

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The 3 Things I Got My Eyes on In Ecommerce for 2019

2019 is a very exciting time in e-commerce. There is so much innovation and automation on the horizon that it just makes me happy. Probably the biggest area of interest for me is: 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is defined …

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Top 50 Big Scale E-Commerce Models For 2019

28 November 2018 Ecommerce

Every year, entrepreneurs are identifying new business models to find and serve customers in niche areas. Amazon and Walmart are automating their in-store business. Many e-commerce players like Everlane, Casper, Lenscart etc. are extending themselves to innovative physical stores for …

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Spot On Wins Litium Partner of The Year 2018

We have a great news to share! One of our valuable clients, Spot On from Sweden, has received the “Partner of the Year 2018” recognition from Litium. Spot On is a Swedish e-commerce expert, who has been the Litium Partner …

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7 Tips and Tricks to Get More Customers to your E-commerce Store

Attracting customers to an e-commerce store may sound easy. But both the well-established and new e-commerce merchants know that getting traffic to online stores is a challenging chore. Here, I am trying to list out some very useful tips and …

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