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Humanize Design With These 8 Genuine Tips

26 August 2020 UI UX

Great designers deliver authentic and humanized experience. Understanding human behavior is the key here. Here is a genuine guide to humanize design.

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Effective Branding Techniques to Attract More Customers

With many misconceptions about what brand building is all about, no wonder many businesses fail in their attempts to attract more potential customers or to turn them into loyal ones. Many believe that the very essence of the process is …

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How to be More Productive at Work? 8 Effective Strategies

Whenever there is a discussion on how to improve productivity at work, we often hear advice like ‘work smarter’, ‘focus on what really matters’, etc. And what more, there is a range of productivity tools and apps that claim to …

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7 Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

We all have internet connectivity and Wi-Fi at our homes, but we are not aware of securing it from misuse by outsiders. We may think that our Wi-Fi is safe and is not used by others. But actually, if your …

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7 Tips and Tricks to Get More Customers to your E-commerce Store

Attracting customers to an e-commerce store may sound easy. But both the well-established and new e-commerce merchants know that getting traffic to online stores is a challenging chore. Here, I am trying to list out some very useful tips and …

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