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Looking to Build a Scalable Business? Here’re 5 Brilliant Tips.

Nobody starts a business to see it crashing halfway. No one wants his/her business to stay small forever. Every entrepreneur wants his business/start-up to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost in due course.Now, let’s look at what is a scalable …

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3 Proven Ways to Inspire Big Brands to Innovate Like Start-Ups

In today’s ‘innovate or die’ world, corporate giants are forced to generate inventive breakthroughs. Big enterprises everywhere are facing the challenge of survival if they don’t adjust to the ever-changing market. In simpler terms, big corporates also need to behave …

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4 Major Challenges in the European Tech Startup Scene

Taking the startup plunge is always a crucial decision regardless of the geography you belong to. The traditional affinity towards lifetime government/corporate jobs seems to be bygone now. Greater number of young graduates are chasing their entrepreneurial dream. Regions across …

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Some thoughts on happiness in businessEnkele gedachtes over geluk in het bedrijfslevenNågra tankar om lycka i affärerEinige Gedanken zum Thema Glück im Geschäft

16 April 2013 Business

I have just finished reading the book about Zappos ‘delivering happiness‘. I love the story and ideas in it and I am exploring how it applies to our company. My general view on the business world is that most is …

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