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Preethi Saro Philip is a Post Graduate Research Degree holder in Economics with more than 6 years of experience in writing, editing, research and teaching. She has an intense passion for content crafting and calls herself a ‘wordsmith’. She enjoys writing on wide-ranging topics including business, technology, health & lifestyle, education, environment etc.

Check Out How Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce Really Works

28 May 2019 Ecommerce

Wowing your customers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a dream any longer. AI, which was the centrepiece of sci-fi films and novels, can now be seen taking daring strides through the hallways of various industries and companies. E-commerce …

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Learn From Howard Behar: Excellent Tips On People First Leadership

Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee Company, business leader, author, speaker, and mentor, joins us to share some valuable lessons on people-centred and value-based leadership. He emphasizes the importance of being a Servant Leader and staying true to your …

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5 Excellent Tips To Become A Supercharged Agile Leader!

When I say Agile Leaders, I may be opening up a room for doubt regarding how leadership can vary depending on the project management model. Research studies conducted by Rodney Turner and Ralf Müller in 2005 prove that different leadership …

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This Is Why E-commerce and Brick & Mortar Should Co-Exist

11 April 2019 Ecommerce

If you have ever felt that brick-and-mortar stores are doomed due to the huge success of online stores, you are wrong! Because, both offline and online stores are complementary, and none of them can be redundant. Why Is Combining In-Store …

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How To Turn Your Employees Into Great Leaders? Strategic Tip Revealed!

How about being surrounded by super-engaged and self-driven employees? How about working with co-workers, who are the ultimate example of ‘go-getters’? Sounds insanely appealing, right? I am sure you are thinking that these idealistic situations are easier said than done. …

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