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Preethi Saro Philip is a Post Graduate Research Degree holder in Economics with more than 10 years of experience in writing, editing, research and teaching. She has an intense passion for content crafting and calls herself a ‘wordsmith’. She enjoys writing on wide-ranging topics including business, technology, health & lifestyle, education, environment etc.

Top 10 Project Management Tools for Modern Workflows

Discover the top 10 project management tools tailored for modern workflows! Streamline your projects and boost productivity with these innovative solutions.

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Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture: A Guide to Making the Right Decision

Monolithic vs Microservices Architectures. Dive into our comprehensive guide for informed decision-making on software architecture.

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IT Staff Augmentation: Why Is It the Best Way to Scale Up Your Team?

IT Staff augmentation adds specialized tech expertise to your in-house team without the many hassles of traditional hiring. Know all about it.

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Digital Product Development – A Complete Guide From Idea to Launch

Navigate the digital product development lifecycle with confidence. Find all the key stages that you need to know before developing your digital product.

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The Future of Full Stack Development: Everything You Should Know!

The future of full stack development is poised to be dynamic and promising. Read all about it in this thought-provoking blog.

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