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Preethi Saro Philip is a Post Graduate Research Degree holder in Economics with more than 8 years of experience in writing, editing, research and teaching. She has an intense passion for content crafting and calls herself a ‘wordsmith’. She enjoys writing on wide-ranging topics including business, technology, health & lifestyle, education, environment etc.

Working From Home Because of COVID-19? Here’s How You Can Stay Agile.

The worldwide eruption of Covid-19 has forced companies across the globe to roll out mandatory remote work. A host of technology and fintech multinationals, start-ups, and e-commerce majors have introduced ‘work from home’ policies taking into account the well-being of …

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Top 10 Products That Show How Tech Is Invading the Cosmetic Industry

What was the high-tech beauty product that we owned until a few years ago? Maybe an advanced hair straightener? But in this era where beauty-tech takes care of our skin and hair, hair straighteners may seem like a plain thing. …

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Do Not Miss These CES 2020 Releases!

The latest CES (Consumer Electronics Show) (from 7 Jan 2020 to 10 Jan 2020) in Vegas displayed futuristic enterprise technologies, concepts, and products. Tech makers and innovators at CES 2020 enthralled the audience with promising gadgets and gizmos that are …

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A Look Back at 2019. What a Year It Had Been!

Another year has come and gone. It’s that time of the year when we take a quick review of the past 12 months. It had been a busy year at Bridge Global and we are happy to look back at …

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Looking to Build a Scalable Business? Here’re 5 Brilliant Tips.

Nobody starts a business to see it crashing halfway. No one wants his/her business to stay small forever. Every entrepreneur wants his business/start-up to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost in due course. Now, let’s look at what is a …

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