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Preethi Saro Philip is a Post Graduate Research Degree holder in Economics with more than 8 years of experience in writing, editing, research and teaching. She has an intense passion for content crafting and calls herself a ‘wordsmith’. She enjoys writing on wide-ranging topics including business, technology, health & lifestyle, education, environment etc.

These Technologies Will Redefine the Post COVID-19 Era

Though the pandemic could slow down human activities for a while, it could not halt the basic human nature to advance against all odds. Technology innovators, businesses, and enterprises have joined hands to offset the COVID-19 impact. It’s high time …

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7 Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Launch Your Start-Up?

Is there something like the best time to start a start-up? Have you ever considered a crisis-hit time as now, as an ideal phase to give wings to your business ambitions? This may not sound exciting. But, if you believe …

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5 AI Trends That Are Making 2020 a Smarter Year

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the science of giving intelligence to machines, isn’t new any longer. Though AI’s widespread popularity in the business world has been happening for a decade, it was present as a concept for more than a century and …

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What Are the Tech & Engineering Firms Doing During Covid-19?

Have you ever imagined that technology companies will thrive at a steady pace in a crisis like the present day? It’s happening right now. Even in this pandemic situation, technology & engineering companies continue to remain in the spotlight. And… …

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Working From Home Because of COVID-19? Here’s How You Can Stay Agile.

The worldwide eruption of Covid-19 has forced companies across the globe to roll out mandatory remote work. A host of technology and fintech multinationals, start-ups, and e-commerce majors have introduced ‘work from home’ policies taking into account the well-being of …

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