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7 Key Questions You Should Ask a Potential Software Development Partner

Congrats on your decision to outsource software development! You might probably have reached this decision due to the following reasons: • Inadequate resources (financial/infrastructural) to support an in-house development team • Difficulty to attract and retain an in-house team, even …

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My Journey of Becoming a Dedicated Software Developer for Spot On, Sweden

When I joined Bridge Global as a .NET developer, I was taking a big step in expanding my knowledge in a new direction. Allowing developers to learn new technologies on the job is a progressive attitude that many IT companies …

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Some Profound Reasons to Become Agile, From a Leading Agile Evangelist

Altaf Rehmani is a leading Technology Innovator, who wears multiple hats in the digital transformation realm. He is the Executive Director, Technology, at Xccelerate, a socially aligned education startup that helps students and companies to acquire the skills they need …

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Beyond the Big Data Buzz: How is Data Transforming the Business World

17 April 2019 Offshoring

Big data is creating big buzz nowadays and businesses embrace this next-gen technology to improve operations and achieve game-changing outcomes. Do you know how much data we create every day? Any guesses? There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created …

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Tips to Improve MySQL Query Performance

27 March 2019 Offshoring

MySQL is the most popular open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). A single poorly-designed SQL query will pose a significant threat to the overall performance of your application. Therefore, optimizing query performance is …

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