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Upendrajith completed his Master's in English and has been a commercial content developer for the past three years. He's more inclined to develop content with a 'street-smart' delivery on topics such as technology, media, or anything he can get his hands on. He has a fixation on lyrics, dark poetry, media, technology, and flow arts.

Complete Guide for Scaling Mobile Apps With Mobile App Redesign

Mobile app redesign is crucial for worldwide businesses to progress further by making their metrics even better. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the same.

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7 Tips for Remote Software Development Team Composition and Management

Remote software development has certain challenges in the area of team management and composition. And this is how you can easily solve them.

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9 Top Trends That Are Shaping Software Testing In 2022

The software testing sector is implementing advanced technologies to make the processes even more efficient. And these are the ones that shape it in 2022.

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Remote Software Development: 9 Reasons to Choose It in 2022

The remote software development game is very strong in every business sphere. These proven reasons show why you should switch to it in 2022.

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11 QA Mistakes to Avoid During Software Development

Potentially hazardous QA mistakes throughout the software development process can hamper your software. So, ensure to avoid all these common mistakes.

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