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These Technologies Will Redefine the Post COVID-19 Era

Though the pandemic could slow down human activities for a while, it could not halt the basic human nature to advance against all odds. Technology innovators, businesses, and enterprises have joined hands to offset the COVID-19 impact. It’s high time …

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5 Best Kept Secrets to Design an Effective Brand Identity

Branding is more important than ever before, as more and more businesses rely on customer loyalty for success. But creating an effective brand is more than just slapping a logo on some business cards and calling it good. As customers …

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Why Is Digital Marketing Essential for Startups?

After hearing many real-life stories, I understand that running a successful startup is not an easy job. There are many factors that you need to give attention to. Before moving into more details, let’s first understand what actually is a …

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Digital Marketing Trends that Are Going to Rule the World in 2020

Digital Marketing is marketing your product/service through the means of digital media. You can increase conversion by promoting it via digital media platforms. As digital marketing is creating a big buzz these days, it has taken a giant leap and …

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Digital Transformation: Why is It Relevant in the Constantly Changing Biz World!

Digital transformation is one of the prominent business transformation trends in the biz world. We can simply brief it as an approach, where companies step back and revise their processes like “Do we need to change the current process and …

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