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My Journey of Becoming a Dedicated Software Developer for Spot On, Sweden

When I joined Bridge Global as a .NET developer, I was taking a big step in expanding my knowledge in a new direction. Allowing developers to learn new technologies on the job is a progressive attitude that many IT companies …

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Spot On Wins Litium Partner of The Year 2018

We have a great news to share! One of our valuable clients, Spot On from Sweden, has received the “Partner of the Year 2018” recognition from Litium. Spot On is a Swedish e-commerce expert, who has been the Litium Partner …

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The 3 vital factors for successful offshore software development

In  offshore software development, you must be aware of 3 vital  factors below that will certainly help you to get the maximum value from your offshore team. 1. From working agile to living agile A lot of organizations found that …

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Building bridges between people – in two ways

If you have a look at our facebook cover picture, you might already imagine it. Being a Global IT Staffing Company, this does not only mean that we do business on an international level. For us, operating in and between …

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Why are there so many negative stories around offshoring?

16 November 2012 Nearshoring

I started in the offshoring/nearshoring/outsourcing market in 2005 and in that year, I already heard people share negative stories about offshoring. Today, in 2012, this is still the case, maybe even more, as more people have experience. It surprises me …

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