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Conservatism and the benefits of a global workforce

Organisations are traditionally: a place where people gather to work on something they are specialized in to create a certain service or product. Last century this place was often a factory and in the second half of the century, we …

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Five lethal mistakes in offshore software development

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there are far-away lands where the best and brightest youths flock to science and technology schools. They emerge a few years later in hoards of brilliant and eager software developers. Why not put them to …

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How far can offshoring go?

The Hackett Group published an interesting research about the future of offshoring. They did the research among 4700 companies with $1 billion in turnover or more. The researchers predict that by 2016, 2.3 million jobs will have been moved offshore …

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Why choose an offshore colleague instead of a local employee?

When speaking to software companies in Europe, I often get to hear ‘we want to have people in our office’. This is something I fully understand. Having people in your own office makes it easier for organization than having people …

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Agile Outsourcing

14 February 2012 Offshoring

Many Agile organizations are considering to outsource parts of the development work. But they want to keep their benefits from Agile, like quick delivery, customer involvement, and high quality. Outsourcing will create distance between the local organization and the development …

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