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About Hugo Messer

Hugo Messer is a Dutch entrepreneur, distributed agile team specialist, and author. He is the founder and owner of Bridge Global, a software services provider, and, an agile coaching agency. He has been building and managing teams around the world for the past several years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to cooperate. Whether it’s offshoring or nearshoring, he knows what it takes to make global cooperation work.

Offshoring: Do it yourself or outsource?

29 February 2016 Outsourcing

If you plan to move work offshore or nearshore, a question that arises is how to organize it. The past weeks I have been thinking about the way people organize the setup, as I speak to many people for my …

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The #1 Tool For Remote Team Collaboration

In my latest post, I discussed a part of the presentation I gave for a group of senior HR managers. I shared my experience using a one-page strategic plan for leading distributed teams.

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The world’s best tool for remote leadership

Yesterday, I gave a presentation in the Netherlands for a group of HR managers from some big multinationals. I spoke about ‘leadership and organisation for distributed teams’. Here’s the link.

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4 skills of an effective distributed software development team manager

Managing remote, globally distributed teams, is no easy task. During the past 10 years I have seen all sides of this role, good and bad. I want to share some of the competencies I think are fundamental to be an …

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The 3 vital factors for successful offshore software development

In  offshore software development, you must be aware of 3 vital  factors below that will certainly help you to get the maximum value from your offshore team.1. From working agile to living agileA lot of organizations found that agile processes …

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