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Six Proven Strategies to Make Software Testing Efficient

A simple and routine testing process will not make your software magically free from bugs and inefficiencies. Many testers experience daunting bug reports mainly due to a messy or chaotic testing process. There are some proven software testing good practices …

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Tips to Write a Good Bug Report That Make You a Powerful QA

Bug is the deviation of the actual result from the expected result. Each bug found during the testing process must be reported for its further fixing. A Bug Report is a document that contains information about bugs. It is the …

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Why User Acceptance Testing Matters?

“In software development, user acceptance testing (UAT) – also called beta testing, application testing, and end user testing – is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience.” There …

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Higher-Order Testing For Complex Business Scenarios

We need to develop a broader range of tasks that present significant problems, require sustained reasoning, and require component information to be integrated to form a conclusion. High-order testing checks that the software meets customer requirements and that the software, …

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