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Software Testing Trends – What to Expect in 2021!

Read the top software testing trends that are going to be game-changers in 2021. Find out what QA trends are in store and take a quiz to find your QA maturity level.

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9 Biggest QA Challenges & Simple Tips to Solve Them

All products in the world are branded by its quality, and software is not an exception. The goodness of software can be attested by important aspects such as Performance, End User Accessibility, and Quality. Software Quality is the factor that …

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6 Proven Strategies to Make Software Testing Efficient

A simple and routine testing process will not make your software magically free from bugs and inefficiencies. Many testers experience daunting bug reports mainly due to a messy or chaotic testing process. There are some proven software testing good practices …

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Tips to Write a Good Bug Report That Make You a Powerful QA

Bug is the deviation of the actual result from the expected result. Each bug found during the testing process must be reported for its further fixing. A Bug Report is a document that contains information about bugs. It is the …

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Why User Acceptance Testing Matters?

“In software development, user acceptance testing (UAT) – also called beta testing, application testing, and end user testing – is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience.” There …

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