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Positive effects of Offshoring on innovation of FirmsPositieve effecten van Offshoring op innovatie van bedrijven

I speak to many people about offshoring and nearshoring. One of the central themes that come up is the move from ‘providing people’ to ‘R&D offshoring’ and ‘collaborative innovation’. Instead of providing people for specific customer projects, companies look at joint innovation.

Products that are developed for a customer, can be sold in the local market of the offshore provider. Software that is developed by the offshore provider for the local market or another customer in another country, can be sold in the country of the customer.

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10 Offshore Outsourcing Buzz Terms

4 September 2013 Nearshoring

It is no secret that call center outsourcing is a well known industry; as a matter of fact, there are so many people who know of the many advantages of offshore outsourcing and plan to explore it. There are a lot of jargons used in the “offshore outsourcing” business, which are known to be quite confusing.

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Why does my Indian developer ask no questions?!Waarom stelt mijn Indiase ontwikkelaars geen vragen?!Varför ställer inte min indiska utvecklare några frågor?!Warum stellt mein indischer Entwickler keine Fragen?!

Last week, one of my colleagues from Kiev pointed me to a very interesting article on the real reason why outsourcing fails. The main point made in the article is that the underlying (failure) factor in all offshoring relationships is the …

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What did I learn building an offshore and nearshore team?Wat heb ik geleerd door een offshore en nearshore team op te zetten?Vad lärde jag mig av att bygga upp ett offshore- och nearshore-team?Was hab ich beim Aufbau eines Offshore und Nearshore Teams gelernt?

A few weeks back I wrote an article about What makes global teamwork, offshoring, nearshoring and remote cooperations so interesting. I have a critical father in law who told me that I described some pitfalls that I walked into and asked …

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Why are there so many negative stories around offshoring?

16 November 2012 Nearshoring

I started in the offshoring/nearshoring/outsourcing market in 2005 and in that year, I already heard people share negative stories about offshoring. Today, in 2012, this is still the case, maybe even more, as more people have experience. It surprises me …

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