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Modern Design Practices: Jetpack Compose

13 October 2021 Technology

Read the what and why of Jetpack compose – Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI – and how to get started with it.

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10 Most Popular Java Frameworks for Web Application Development

16 September 2021 Technology

Here’s a detailed list of the 10 most popular Java frameworks for web application development. Check out their key features and benefits.

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5 Intriguing Things to Do on a Programmers’ Day!

13 September 2021 Programming

Well, today is ‘International Programmers’ Day’! If you are looking to make this day exciting, you’re at the right place. Try 5 intriguing things to do today.

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Top 5 Communication Tools to Increase Transparency With Clients

Improve transparency with your clients using five of the best communication tools for project managers and their teams in 2021.

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Top 5 High-Performing Backend Frameworks in 2021-22

11 August 2021 Technology

In this guide, we take a closer look at the most popular and scalable backend frameworks to help you decide which is the best option for your web development.

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