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These Technologies Will Redefine the Post COVID-19 Era

Though the pandemic could slow down human activities for a while, it could not halt the basic human nature to advance against all odds. Technology innovators, businesses, and enterprises have joined hands to offset the COVID-19 impact. It’s high time …

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Why Is It Important to Have a Project Management Software?

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, you are constantly involved in quite several projects. To make these projects successful, there are people, teams, and managers involved. By the virtue of having many individuals involved in a …

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What Are the Tech & Engineering Firms Doing During Covid-19?

Have you ever imagined that technology companies will thrive at a steady pace in a crisis like the present day? It’s happening right now. Even in this pandemic situation, technology & engineering companies continue to remain in the spotlight. And… …

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C# 8.0 Features: Should a Developer Use It?

15 April 2020 Technology

It’s been almost 20 years since Microsoft released the first version of the C# language. Until now with the release of C# 8, the language has had a remarkable evolution. There are a lot of new features Microsoft has introduced …

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Top 10 Products That Show How Tech Is Invading the Cosmetic Industry

What was the high-tech beauty product that we owned until a few years ago? Maybe an advanced hair straightener? But in this era where beauty-tech takes care of our skin and hair, hair straighteners may seem like a plain thing. …

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