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The Magic of a Single Integer Number to Contain Huge Information

Here I am trying to explain how we can effectively store huge pieces of information by consuming less space. For this, I am taking an example of “How to store all roles of a user in a single integer value.” …

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Will Accelerated Mobile Pages Improve Google Ranking?

Wondering if Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be of any worth to your business? If YES, go through this article to get a precise idea on what all the things you can expect from implementing an AMP across your mobile …

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Generate PDF Attachments in Dynamics 365 Using Microsoft Flow

27 February 2019 Technology

When we need to generate a PDF in Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, a quote or invoice, we generally have two choices: 1. Either, automate it using a third-party add-on 2. Or, manually convert to PDF using a word template …

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Microsoft Flow – A Powerful Way to Automate Workflows

5 February 2019 Technology

Microsoft introduces an exciting extension to office 365. It is Microsoft Flow: a cloud-based service that allows you to create automated workflows across your favorite applications and platforms. Microsoft Flow enables you to work smarter by building automated workflows across …

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Why Your Sales Team Should Embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365?

29 January 2019 Technology

Does your sales team struggle to maintain diverse interactions simultaneously? Have your efforts to supercharge these front line responders failed miserably? If YES, do not fret! Here, you are going to know about a potent solution that will turn around …

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