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Top 10 Products That Show How Tech Is Invading the Cosmetic Industry

What was the high-tech beauty product that we owned until a few years ago? Maybe an advanced hair straightener? But in this era where beauty-tech takes care of our skin and hair, hair straighteners may seem like a plain thing. …

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Do Not Miss These CES 2020 Releases!

The latest CES (Consumer Electronics Show) (from 7 Jan 2020 to 10 Jan 2020) in Vegas displayed futuristic enterprise technologies, concepts, and products. Tech makers and innovators at CES 2020 enthralled the audience with promising gadgets and gizmos that are …

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Why Are SOLID Principles Vital When Designing Software in the Object-Oriented World?

22 January 2020 Technology

Designing a stable software is one of the prime objectives of any software development company. In order to ensure quality, we implement a lot of principles and patterns. Well-crafted software architecture is essential for stable and successful software. SOLID is …

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Programming Language for DevOps

23 October 2019 Technology

Programming languages are the main weapons in the arsenal of a DevOps team. Choosing an unsuitable language or multiple languages for projects may lead to unwanted outcomes such as the failure to achieve continuous delivery in a timely and effective …

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WebAssembly – A Quick Overview

10 October 2019 Technology

JavaScript has been there on the web and it’s been there on most of the browsers. But it’s not an ultimate solution when it comes to heavy applications on the web. This is where the significance of WebAssembly comes through. …

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