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Top 5 Communication Tools to Increase Transparency With Clients

Improve transparency with your clients using five of the best communication tools for project managers and their teams in 2021.

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How Kubi helped conduct better meetings at Bridge Global

6 October 2016 Communication

There is little that cannot be done within the confines of walls if you have a gadget that can help you access the internet. Telepresence robots are not new to the scene, and when Revolve Robotics introduced Kubi, a simple …

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The #1 Tool For Remote Team Collaboration

In my latest post, I discussed a part of the presentation I gave for a group of senior HR managers. I shared my experience using a one-page strategic plan for leading distributed teams.

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Openness and trust in offshore relationshipsOpenheid en vertrouwen in offshore relatiesÖppenhet och förtroende i offshorerelationerOffenheit und Vertrauen in Offshore Beziehungen

I am reading a book called ‘100% succesvolle IT-projecten’, written by Klaas Jung and Gerard van de Looi. They write about the key success factors in IT projects. One of the chapters that stand out for me is about relationships and openness. …

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What can and cannot be done remotely?Wat kan er wel en niet op afstand gedaan worden?Vad kan och vad kan inte göras på distans?Was kann und was kann nicht in der Ferne ausgeführt werden?

12 September 2012 Communication

In the Netherlands, home-working has been growing rapidly in the past years. Existing companies are stimulating people to work (partly) from home, creating flexible desks in their offices. Many people become freelancers and work where and when they want. And …

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