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What is the role of empathy in an offshoring context?

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Technical University in Delft and one of my topics was ’empathy’. I always get some questioning faces when I present a slide with a definition of empathy on it. Normally, technologists get taught about …

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How software developers can overcome Cross-Cultural Communication mistakes in IT offshoring?

  The IT talent pool available in India is highly skilled. These educated IT professionals are good English speakers. They should always try to go that extra mile in cross-cultural communication to understand customer’s needs when working in an IT offshore project. …

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What is the secret to success in offshoring?

As with anything in the world, there is no holy grail to make something work. In offshoring, there are many factors that influence the success of your projects. But I believe that there are 2 things that determine the success …

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Oral versus written communication in offshoring

People who engage in offshoring, have a natural, human inclination to ‘just start communicating’. My experience has made me think a lot about the most effective way of communicating in an offshoring context. If you are involved in managing an …

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How do we solve communication problems in (offshore) outsourcing?

21 December 2010 Communication

One of the most frequently cited causes of problems  in (offshore) outsourcing is ‘communication problems’. When I hear people mention this, I always wonder what they mean by ‘communication’.  Because the term itself is very broad and vague, I believe …

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