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Building Web Applications with ReactPy: Integrating with Django, Flask, and FastAPI

Meet ReactPy, an innovative Python library that lets you enjoy the versatility and simplicity of Python not only for your backend but also in the frontend.

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Jest: A JavaScript Testing Framework

Know all about Jest, a JavaScript testing framework that helps developers write automated tests for their JavaScript code.

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All About SvelteKit: A Versatile Rendering Framework

As a web developer, especially in the JavaScript ecosystem, you’re probably familiar with or even using rendering frameworks like Next or Nuxt. SvelteKit is a similar framework catered towards Svelte users. It hit a stable 1.0 last month and has …

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R and Python: What’s the Difference?

R and Python are the most popular programming languages. This blog on R and Python is a smart guide to help you make the right selection .

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5 Intriguing Things to Do on a Programmers’ Day!

13 September 2021 Programming

Well, today is ‘International Programmers’ Day’! If you are looking to make this day exciting, you’re at the right place. Try 5 intriguing things to do today.

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