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Understanding the Advantages of Outsourcing

13 February 2012 Offshoring

To an ordinary person, outsourcing a business would seem like a waste of company resources and an additional complication for running a business. This makes sense because after all, why should a company send business abroad when it can be …

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What are the Americans doing that we Europeans are not doing?

I frequently speak to people in India that run BPO or software firms and I am always astonished by the numbers. People tell me that they started their software company 5 years back and employ 2000 people today. In Management …

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Nearshoring or offshoring: which works better?

22 December 2011 Offshoring

A question that I often hear is whether offshoring is better than nearshoring or vice versa. First, let’s get straight on the difference. Nearshoring is when you move work to a country that is nearby your own country. Wikipedia speaks about a …

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Dutch government: offshoring is no ground for collective firing

14 December 2011 Offshoring

The Dutch political party PvdA (Labor Party) will propose a bill to ban collective firing on the grounds of offshoring. The party declared so on its blog. I think that this way of thinking does not fit with our day and …

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The Rise of Financial Management as a Strategic Tool

12 December 2011 Offshoring

Thanks in part to several key mega-trends in business thinking over the last 30+ years, senior business and technology executives face a fairly generic list of tasks today. They are working to align information technology (IT) with business goals, turn …

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