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Dedicated team or fixed price?

6 November 2009 Bridge news

The past few years, Bridge has experimented with several delivery models. The two models we have built and used most for our customers are ‘fixed price’ and ‘dedicated team’. And every day we are wondering: which of these two models …

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Inside perspective: Dutch Mobile solutions team in Ukraine

28 October 2009 Bridge news

This article gives you an inside perspective into the way Bridge has built a team in Ukraine for our customer Sigmax. Sigmax Mobile Solutions makes sure people can continue working. Whether it is mobile working or working in the office. …

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The impact of Globalization & Offshoring

17 October 2009 Offshoring

I was just reading a chapter in the book ‘wikinomics’ written by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams. It is always interesting to find your own beliefs written down on paper. As the topic offshoring, outsourcing and the future of …

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Benefit from web 2.0: offshoring & open source

26 August 2009 Offshoring

One of the major denominators of web 2.0 is ‘online collaboration’. As Don Tapscott puts it in his book ‘wikinomics’: ‘The old notion that you have to attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest inside your corporate boundaries is …

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