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Bridge Holland Press release – dedicated teams

With Bridge Dedicated Teams, IT departments and development companies can use all the advantages of outsourcing…   Zwaag, 9 March 2010 – Bridge, specialist in the field of software development and offshore outsourcing, introduces the new service ‘Bridge Dedicated Teams’. …

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Do we need a new terminology in offshore outsourcing?

15 February 2010 Offshoring

The past years I have been thinking regularly about the terminology in the offshoring world. The market has come up with a huge list of terms like:  –          Offshoring –          Offshore outsourcing –          Nearshoring –          Nearshore outsourcing –          Captive center …

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7 fat years: where will we get our IT people?

14 January 2010 Offshoring

A new research from Forrester says that a new cycle of ‘7 fat years’ starts in 2010. (,1769,1317,00.html) Some details from the research: After a dismal performance in 2009, the technology sector will see a recovery in 2010 as businesses and …

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How flexible is your organization?

10 December 2009 Offshoring

In the Dutch magazine ‘ondernemen’ I read the following facts from a research conducted by ‘TNO Arbeid’: –          In 2008 and 2009, 1 out of 5 SME’s in Holland has fired people –          Half of SME’s plan to grow the …

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Inside perspective; How to choose the right offshore team?

24 November 2009 Bridge news

To hire a new employee is always a little bit challenging and it costs the employer a lot of effort to find the right person. Especially in Western Europe it is often hard to find good skilled programmers and designers …

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