What are the Americans doing that we Europeans are not doing?

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2 thoughts on “What are the Americans doing that we Europeans are not doing?
  1. I believe that it is in the mindset and the willingness to take risks. We in Europe has fallen back into some slumbering state since several hundred years back and have to wake up from that to do something about the situation. And I also think it has to do with the fact that we educate our children to be workers and not entrepreneurs with a burning desire to create and evolve. Then there are so many more venture opportunists in the United States and not to mention the risk founding and wealth that are actually there, and the lack of that in Europe as a general.

  2. In part mindset, and in part legal and HR environment. In Europe, it’s not as easy to lay those people off that you want to replace through a BPO provider. Many companies in the US have so-called “at will” employment contracts, which allow both sides to terminate the contract more or less immediately – usually with 2-week notice. Yes, severance may be paid, but still, the change can be implemented faster, which gives a larger ROI and larger incentive to grow BPO agreements faster.