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Advantages for programmers when involving in Software Community sites and Discussion forums

  What’s your opinion on encouraging programmers in a company to involve in Software Community sites  and Discussion forums? (a) Good for knowledge sharing and self improvement OR (b) Waste of time and that leads to less productivity I believe …

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SEO for beginners

narrative papers p>Search Engine Optimization The basic idea of Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is to improve the volume and quality of the traffic to a website. And to achieve this there are few basic methods followed by …

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Digging and digging into Drupal open source cms

26 January 2010 Soft Skills

There is a really ‘open’ revolution going on. Not only in software business, there are many other products and projects based on ‘open source’ collaboration. Some say it’s the next logical step in evolution of mankind. We (Lucius Websystems) are …

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Inside perspective: My Experience with Epicerie des allergique

Epicerie des allergique is an online store built on the ecommerce open source package, Magento. With this project, I got a nice exposure to Magento ecommerce, where I had to dig in, to make some modules and to create an …

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