Inside perspective: My Experience with Epicerie des allergique

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Krishna Jothis is the CEO of Bridge Global. He is a strategic problem-solver helping global businesses to get high-performing IT teams. He is a hands-on leader and a Scrum expert. He is one of the driving forces behind making Bridge a self-organizing and Agile company.

2 thoughts on “Inside perspective: My Experience with Epicerie des allergique
  1. Hi

    I enjoyed your article. Thanks for sharing. Shop looks great!
    Question: do you use a staging/test envirement before installing updates/modules and if so can you share your experiences?

    Thanks and compluments


  2. Hi Rene,

    Yes, we had a test environment in local Apache server. We always tested the working in the test environment first.

    I didn’t duplicate the site to the local server. I made two installations and worked in the test installation first and then copied the functionality to the live installation. I recommend don’t repeat this. Always copy your installation for the testing purpose. This is because I had an experience based on this.

    I installed the magento with the copy I had in my system to the test environment and because the client specified, the latest stable version in the live installation. While we wrote the code to import the products and stock, the code worked in the test environment didn’t function well in the live area and I had to modify that for the live environment seeing the version difference.


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