Implementing an effective software development process: Agile, Scrum, CMMI and where to start

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Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global IT Staffing and is a Global IT Staffing Expert.Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 7 years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to cooperate. Whether it’s offshoring or nearshoring, he knows what it takes to make a global cooperation work.Read his articles here.To know more about Hugo and his global team building programs visit

2 thoughts on “Implementing an effective software development process: Agile, Scrum, CMMI and where to start
  1. Hugo,
    A simple and clear article. I like it. I agree with you. The sense of urgency the daily meeting will bring from the start is really valuable.

    I do like to caution though that – if we didn’t bring the other Agile values such as self organizing teams and servant leadership, to the team, this could back fire in the sense that this could become a micro management tool. It might end up as a Project Manager is trying to figure out what the status is every morning – which is not the intend of the daily stand up meetings. Speaking of standing up – if we didn’t have a good facilitator for the meeting, the daily meeting could end up 30+ minutes meetings and that will quickly add up.

    Those are some pitfalls we got to watch out for. Do that make sense?


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