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Do Soft Skills Really Matter in IT?

IT is viewed by many people as being something technical. They have a vision of managers with lot’s of plans, documents and spreadsheets, and nerds that are sitting behind their computer doing the “real work”. It may be out there, but I don’t see that often. What I see are people working together to deliver software solutions that work, which help their customers in their daily work, and deliver business value to the company. Communication and collaboration is essential to make the people that are doing this successful. So for me, soft skills really matter in IT! What do you think?

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Managing Agile ProjectsManagen van Agile Projecten Att styra agila projekt Agile Projekte managen

More and more organizations are adopting Agile ways of working. The descriptions of Agile methods give much guidance on how to work agile on the team level. They describe the practices and support the set-up of Agile teams. But there …

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Mobile strategy event: an app for your business?mobile strategy event: een app voor uw bedrijf?Mobile Strategy event: En applikation för ditt företag?Veranstaltung über Mobile Strategien: Brauchen sie ein App für ihr Geschäft?

Last week, Bridge organized Talk About IT for the 6th time, in cooperation with Efactor. Over 60 people visited Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. The event was a success, with an open and positive atmosphere and much relevant exchange of experiences. A short report, written …

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Quality Software with Agile TeamsKwaliteitssoftware met Agile Teams Mjukvara med hög kvalitet med hjälp av agila team.Qualitativ hochwertige Software durch “Agile” Programmierer-Teams

11 January 2012 Soft Skills

Agile teams have shown to be a great way to deliver high quality software products. The agile values favore quality, and there are several agile practices that are applied by agile teams to develop high quality software. What is Quality? …

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The #1 Way Internet Marketers Throw Away Their Time, Energy & Money

24 November 2011 Soft Skills

By now, just about every Internet marketer knows they ‘should’ be using a virtual assistant to free up their time for more important matters like strategizing, organizing campaigns, arranging JVs, creating new promotions, fine-tuning offers, etc. But, still, many marketers …

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