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Distributed sprint planning

12 February 2013 Offshoring

The past years I have been experimenting a lot with scrum in our offshore and nearshore cooperations. One of the most challenging parts of distributed scrum (the variant of scrum where team members cooperate from different locations) is organizing the …

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Agile CMMI: Combining Strengths

5 October 2012 Outsourcing

  Some years ago the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) published the technical report CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both, to describe that CMMI and agile can co-exist. I was surprised that such a report was needed. All the projects that …

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E-Commerce Outsourcing: Benefits

21 September 2012 Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process through which a company hires another company to provide labour or to play some function for them instead of using their own staff to carry out the function. Today, outsourcing is becoming the order of the …

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What is the role of empathy in an offshoring context?

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Technical University in Delft and one of my topics was ’empathy’. I always get some questioning faces when I present a slide with a definition of empathy on it. Normally, technologists get taught about …

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Quality Software with Agile Teams

11 January 2012 Soft Skills

Agile teams have shown to be a great way to deliver high quality software products. The agile values favore quality, and there are several agile practices that are applied by agile teams to develop high quality software. What is Quality? …

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