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5 Best Software Development Methodologies and Their Pros & Cons

Check out the 5 best software development methodologies and discover their pros & cons. With this detailed comparison, choose the one that will be right up your street.

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What Is Custom Software Development? Top 5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It!

Here is a simple and definite guide on what is custom software development and 5 reasons to choose it for your business growth.

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8 Insane Things (Benefits) About Agile Software Development!

Find out the key benefits of Agile software development methodology making it the best process to deliver the right software to the right market at the right time.

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Do Cultural Values & Behaviours Have an Impact on Agile Adoption?

As a professional Agile practitioner and an enthusiastic world traveller, online presentations and articles such as “Scrum doesn’t work in China!?”, “Questioning if Agile works in Asia” and “5 reasons why Agile does not work in Germany…” kept capturing my …

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A Simple Guide to Formulate an MVP Approach

11 September 2018 The MVP Journey

A minimum viable product is built on the lines of having a bare minimum product out in the market in a short period. To quote a formal definition, “A minimum viable product (MVP) is the most pared down version of …

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