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Lekha Philip is the Chief Operating Officer at Bridge - Global, Member of the agile community with scrum certifications - CSM & CSPO. She is having over 10 years of experience in the service industry, working with client relationships, process management & team building. Lekha is responsible for the operations in Bridge India and client co-operation in India and Europe.

A Simple Guide to Formulate an MVP Approach

11 September 2018 The MVP Journey

A minimum viable product is built on the lines of having a bare minimum product out in the market in a short period. To quote a formal definition, “A minimum viable product (MVP) is the most pared down version of …

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Kill The Boss To Attain Self-Organization!

Here is an honest look into why self-organization is a buzzword now. We will quickly try to find answers to certain puzzling questions such as: Why is self-organization so important? Why are companies shifting gears now? Is something terribly wrong …

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We are Indians, and yes, we can say ‘No’!

Mr Tom (client) – So Sunjay, here is the situation. I have a demo in 10 days and I would like the whole platform to be ready a day before. I hope that is a fair request? Sunjay (Bridgy) – …

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Wanna Guide your Team to Self-Organization? Here is How We Did It!

  Building a great organization and sustaining it as a successful one is not a cakewalk. Aligning talented people around the organizational goal is the essential step involved. Adopting self-organization and embracing self-organizing teams is an efficient way to achieve …

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Chapter III – MVP – Minimum Viable or Minimum Valuable?

The concept of the minimum viable product is indeed a fascinating one. The term viable makes us see the least amount of features that can be pushed out to the market to get started on early feedback. This does sound …

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