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Chapter III – MVP – Minimum Viable or Minimum Valuable?

The concept of the minimum viable product is indeed a fascinating one. The term viable makes us see the least amount of features that can be pushed out to the market to get started on early feedback. This does sound …

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Chapter II – The Product Vision

Welcome back reader, and thank you for following up on my second chapter.  Now to pick off where we stopped last time, I was all geared up to have my first meeting with the Business Analyst. This was the meeting, …

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Chapter I – My Agile Coaching experiences | Two different scenarios, two different products!

As an Agile enthusiast, I always advocate Agile; wherever possible. Being a Business Analyst and attaining a Scrum Product Owner Certification, I have been actively involved in helping my coworkers move into Agile. And I think it would be a …

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Chapter I – Brush with Agile

3 March 2017 Agile in HR

Agile in HR is something that never crossed my mind, until I had the chance to attend a couple of interesting SCRUM sessions by Hugo H.Messer (Agile Coach) and Lekha Philip (Scrum Trainer), a few months ago. I was just …

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Chapter I – The Product Vision

What to expect The plan here is to document the events that unfold as I get ready to form a product team, and pass on a vision, which I believe would take wings with an Agile process in place. Blockers …

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