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Kiosk Application

The client is a leading digital implementation and consulting agency based in Qatar.

Requirement Outline

The client contacted us to get the help of technical experts to create an interactive Kiosk Application. They wanted it as part of an event campaign for one of their customers, a social welfare organization in Qatar. The target audience would be the people who pass by the Kiosk placed in the high foot traffic areas within malls or exhibition/event spaces.

Challenges Involved

  • The platform required high-speed streaming as the interaction between the kiosk and audience needed to happen in real-time.
  • The project was to be completed within a short span of two weeks as the campaign was soon approaching.
  • The script of the puzzle game would automatically generate the PNG image into puzzle pieces.
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Kiosk Application Development Services United States

Our Approach and Solutions

  • Actively involved in the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Performed requirement analysis, proposal drafting, architecture designing, development, designing, Waterfall delivery, testing and deployment.
  • The modules of the application include administrative access Windows App, Kiosk App, WebRTC Libraries, Puzzle App.
  • It supports online video streaming, on-premise gaming, and real-time communication.
  • The touchscreen display will show the live video stream of the host.
  • Intuitive UX and branding experience.

The technologies we used:


The Outcome

Our Agile software experts created an interactive Kiosk platform. The event host will be sitting behind a Wi-Fi-connected laptop in close proximity. When people come nearby the kiosk, he will try to catch their attention by appearing real-time on the display screen.

When people approach the device, they will be actively engaged through audio and video communication. The host will invite them to play a simple Jigsaw-type puzzle game. The screen will show both the speaker’s video feed minimized, and the puzzle game in the lower half. There will be three puzzle options.

Upon choosing a game, the host will be able to start it on the screen. The visitor enters into a scrambled piece of an image and starts playing it. The person needs to drag the pieces to the right part of the puzzle. A timer runs on until he/she completes. The host will be able to see on his laptop how the person is playing on the kiosk, in order to give him/her advice, guidance and comments.

The project was on a tight schedule and we delivered it well before the event. The Kiosk application turned out to be an extremely interactive communication device that stimulates the interest of passers-by.

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