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Healthcare IoT Application

The client is a leading provider of technology solutions in the US.

Requirement Outline

The client approached us to get highly skilled IT professionals for an IoT development in healthcare. They wanted a team to create a HIPAA-compliant desktop and mobile healthcare application that enables remote health monitoring in a smooth manner.

The work mainly involved the following:

  • Make changes and enhancements on multiple existing applications, which has no source code.
  • Migration of DB from MySQL to ORACLE, and implementation of HIPAA compliance to all portals.
  • Migration of all applications with additional features to web, and creation of iOS version of the Android app (as part of second phase)
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IoT Application Services Company United States

Client needed 6 applications (4 existing and 2 new) as follows:

  • Android applications to upload the health data collected using various Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Registration portal to register patients and caregiver/doctor to the system.
  • Doctor’s dashboard for showing patient details, graphs and charts.
  • Single WCF application for handling DB for all the above application.
  • Web application for patients to login and see his details (New)
  • Web application for Admin purpose(New)

Challenges involved

Making changes and enhancements on multiple existing applications with no source code was a real challenge. We had to decompile .exes and generate the source code to begin with, and apply the changes along with the DB migration and HIPAA Compliance.

Another challenge was the maintenance of highest accuracy as there was a lot of hardware involved.

Our technology experts handled these scenarios professionally and delivered a perfect product meeting client’s requirements.

We Step In With the Right Solution

  • The distributed Agile team that we extended to the client consisted of POC and experienced developers.
  • The project was strictly on track from the start and was completed in a short span of three and a half months.
  • Our strict Agile process combined with Continuous Deployment strategy helped us deliver a completely bug-free end product.

A quick look into the functionalities of the app

The app enables transfer of information/check-up results from health monitoring devices (for checking blood pressure, blood sugar, weight etc.) via Bluetooth to the mobile devices. This in turn gets stored to the backend. Doctors can then review the information and take reports of the same. They can give real-time monitoring, diagnosis and prescription through the same method. The app facilitates continuous monitoring, detection and treatment effectively.

Our Approach

  • We followed a perfect execution plan which helped us in delivering a product that was fully functional as conceived. We started off by setting-up entire system in our environment.
  • Our efficient QA process ensured that bugs didn’t fall through the cracks. Rigorous testing before deployment is our secret behind producing quality codes.
  • We implemented the app in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), the standard for sensitive patient data protection.

The technologies we used:

.NET, JavaScript, HTML 5, Telerik Kendo UI

The Outcome

First phase of this project contained a total of 12 releases on time and without any major bugs. We could create a well-functioning portal for doctors and patients along with a mobile application that communicates with the portals. This delivery opened streams to other interesting possibilities in IoT and healthcare.

Now, discussions for the second phase are underway.

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