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Syntomax ICT Solutions B.V. is a leading Technology and Services provider based in Amsterdam. It combines the expertise of Syntomax Network Solutions BV and Syntomax Software Solutions BV in designing and maintaining information systems.

Requirement Outline

The client approached us with the need for a team of PHP experts to complete a simple ticket searching system, which was completed on time successfully. This was followed by a C++ based IOT project, which was a Point Of Sale (POS) application used in Golf Course.

Our Approach

  • Extended a team comprising a project leader and senior software engineers.
  • The application runs in Raspberry Pi device (with OpenWrt Linux operating system on it and the C++ application developed by us)
  • Optimized the application to work on the areas where internet connectivity is not stable.
  • Tested the application in different conditions like offline, network failure etc.
  • The team meritoriously completed the task within a short span of 3 months.
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A quick look into the functionalities of the application:

  • It enables the scanning of QR code of customers and sends signals to the Golf Ball Dispenser to dispense balls in case of valid codes.
  • It works with NFC card scanner and dispense the balls.
  • The device is generalized to grant/deny permission to different access zones in golf course.
  • The device is connected to the local network with internet connection and syncs data between the server and local device memory periodically.
  • The application is optimized to work offline also by using hashing technique.
  • The application is designed talk to other devices for data sharing.
  • Added support for remote application update.
  • Added support to troubleshoot by uploading activity logs.

The technologies we used:

C++, OpenWrt, Linux Scripting, Autotools with Makefile

The Outcome

The client got a perfectly functional application that serves the need. The collaboration between Syntomax and Bridge is on a positive note as it has been growing stronger over the years with a string of on-going projects.

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