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A Leading Content Delivery Network in Canada Gets an Android TV App

Here’s a successful client story of how we offered a super-charged TV viewing experience solution to a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider in Canada.

Requirement Outline

The client first approached us to add some extra features to an already existing Android app to optimize their media playback for TV screens. They were looking for a novel prospect to delight their monthly subscribers from the comfort of their couch.

The client wanted the IPTV app to be compatible with both TV and Set-Top Box (STB) devices. They also wanted to offer live streaming services for TV, music and radio channels.

Our Approach and Solutions

Our experienced Android app developers analyzed and delved deep into the requirement to bring out the best solution. We understood that adding extra features to the already existing app would not be viable as it was built using normal app-building tools and it's barely optimized for widescreen monitors. The app might fail to perform well to the expected standards due to navigation issues and the inability to support modern STB and smart TVs.

Therefore, we suggested a future-proof solution. We proposed to upgrade it with android TV features by leveraging the rich tools provided by the Google Leanback Library to develop smart user experience apps for playing media files.

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Android App Developers United States
  • Developed an Android TV app using Leanback Library
  • Offers user-friendly live streaming solutions for TV, music and radio channels
  • Integrated on-demand DVR features in different subscription models
  • The app is compatible with both TV and STB devices
  • Used other third-party libraries like Retrofit, Gson, Picasso, Firebase as well

We could successfully meet the challenge of offering a well-built and attractive Android TV app that does not compromise on the core functionalities. The app actually enhanced the viewing experience and look & feel with excellent navigation.

Google Leanback Library is currently the commonly used resource to prepare the development environment for building TV apps. Our Android experts could actually utilize this ‘smarter way to watch’ much before it became popular as now (for example Netflix, Puffin TV, Google Drive, Haystack, etc.)!

Tools & Technologies Used

Google Leanback Library

The Outcome

This IPTV app for Android TV and Set-Top Box solutions is being used by a great number of users in multiple countries.

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