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Telkom Indonesia

Amoeba, the corporate innovation lab by Indonesian telecommunications conglomerate Telkom, collaborated with Bridge via Codex. They wanted to fulfill the mission of Telkom in building growth-stage startups. Codex is the development partner of Amoeba.

The main objective of this initiative was to create a corporate startup culture within Telkom. It would be done by incubating and accelerating ideas from its employees to create digital businesses to transform Indonesia’s digital economy.

About 100 teams participated and out of which 10 teams got shortlisted in the final round. Amoeba conducted a bootcamp for the selected teams. Our team (Tech Consultant & PO) attended the bootcamp and helped the teams in the following ways:

  • Imparted valuable practical knowledge on Agile, as getting into a proper Agile methodology was a prime focus of Amoeba
  • Proactively helped them with innovation
  • Provided technical solution and consultation
  • We clearly imbibed the vision of what to build and conveyed the same to the team in a lucid way
  • Helped them design an MVP in two sprints.

Our proactive involvement and eager participation in handholding the teams greatly impressed the client leading us to land the project. We joined hands with four projects for development and management, and two projects for management only.

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Highlights of Our Cooperation

  • Handled the complete tech capabilities by offering design suggestions and knowledge transfer
  • Managed the junior developers from Telkom by giving them proper induction into Agile methodologies
  • Our Scrum Master-cum-proxy PO taught the other POs in writing user stories, defining highest-priority user stories, Done, etc.
  • Our PO being fluent in the local language (Bahasa), could efficiently coordinate the projects.
  • We developed the first three projects from scratch handling the entire design capabilities, architecture and data handling.
The following gives a quick glance of the four projects that we developed and managed:

1. Web Portal for Telkom Customer Management

We built a web portal for Telkom customer management named as ‘A Pro Commander’. The web application would be used as an admin portal by the telecommunications service provider.

The portal allows the user to:

  • Monitor network
  • Manage monthly bill report of the end-user
  • Manage end-user account
  • Initialize billing, etc.
Technologies used

ReactJS 16.8.6, Lumen 5.8

2. Admin Panel to Manage Multiple Location Connections of Telkom

Codex wanted the web application (the project named as ‘AWASI’) to lend a helping hand to Telkom in managing multiple telecom connections from end-users. A single user may be taking different connections from different locations. The new portal helped them to manage all these connections from a single portal, which was previously managed from two different UIs.

Technologies used

Laravel, LDAP

3. Web Application to Handle Network Cabling Divisions of Telkom

They wanted a portal to manage the different network cabling divisions in Indonesia. The portal, known as ‘’, will display information on each cable distributing section by highlighting whether the cable is Open, Broken or Idle. We helped them by plotting these sections in the map and by doing display analysis. We helped them with user role management, data fetching in map and import and export of data.

Technologies used

Laravel, MySQL

4. Hybrid Mobile App for International Direct Dialling (IDD)/SLI Management

The hybrid mobile app (named as ‘SLI 01017’) will display all the contacts with the SLI code. It will also show all the existing offers and the offers taken by each contact. The app also enables calls among SLI contacts. Our team performed full design changes/improvements, functional additions, etc. We substantially enhanced the speed of the app as well.

Technologies used

React Native, Node.js Redis

Our software professionals passionately helped Codex in fulfilling their project objectives. This helped us to build a continuous collaboration with them.

5. Project Management System for Comprehensive Project Tracking

Requirement Outline

Our experts built an internal Project Management System (PMS) to help them have a comprehensive project tracking tool. The project management-cum-collaboration tool should ensure higher productivity, greater visibility, and efficient project tracking.

Our Approach and Solutions
  • The PMS contained 3 modules: project management dashboard, calendar, and validator
  • Offers a clear view of developer, sprint, and team-wise project allocations
  • Complete project tracking via backlog view and individual contributions
  • Numerical and graphical representation to assess team performance
  • Developers can schedule project-related meetings and collaborate well
  • View of complete project status: leads in pipeline, project under verification, etc.
  • Efficient self and team analysis functionalities
Technologies used

MongoDB, Node.Js, React.js

The Outcome

Our software professionals passionately helped Telkom Indonesia and its subsidiaries in fulfilling their project objectives. This helped us to build a continuous collaboration with them.

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