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Payment Processing Web App

Scalability is a prime focus while building web applications. When we start developing a web app it's crucial to ensure its ability to cope with an increasing number of users interacting with the app altogether at a time.

Here is one of our success stories with regard to building a highly scalable web app that performs equally well with one or a thousand users and handles tremendous up/downswings in traffic.

Requirement Outline

One of our Indonesian fintech clients approached us to discuss a web app project that is challenging due to the heavy number of users checking in to the app at a time. They wanted it to be highly scalable and robust to handle the heavy influx of users. The app was exclusively to be used during the province election in Indonesia.

This application should manage and process payment for workers/employees of different political parties after verification of their work time (with predefined checkin and checkout method).

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It should allow a huge number of people (7.5 million party workers) to follow the continuous progress and receive updates and notifications regarding their assigned tasks on their preferred channels. They will be punching at the same time.

The UX has to deliver continuous engagement with team-members (contributors), the business, the product and it's end-users.

It should generate payment from a centralized banking API and should do it in 3 batches - the day before election day, noon of election day, and the night of the day after the election.

Our Approach and Solutions

  • Conducted an in-depth study and submitted a proposal which they approved.
  • We offered a dedicated team of three developers and one QA.
  • Taking into account the web app’s heavy-load requirement, we got started on application scalability before the development step.
  • Focused on building a web app architecture with clean-code design.
  • Designed the architectural diagram design and payment processes.
  • Created a backend admin. Admin portals for City Province consisting of more than 500 provinces and 35 cities.
  • Successfully completed bank integration to make the bank's services available to other third-party companies via APIs. We created a seamless integration workflow that allows for easy payment dispersal to a large number of people at a time.

The Technologies Used

Lumen(Laravel), Vue js, Alibaba Cloud Function Compute, Alibaba Cloud

The Outcome

The project has been successfully delivered and we’ve become one of the IT vendors for them for many long-term projects.

Our proactive involvement and eager participation in handholding the teams greatly impressed the client leading us to land the project. We joined hands with four projects for development and management, and two projects for management only.

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