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KOLEKT Mobile App

There are many initiatives to get rid of the menace of growing waste. Many enterprises have deployed technology to collect and recycle waste to clear the neighborhoods from unwanted piles. We, at Bridge Global, could also become a part of a revolutionizing waste management initiative.

Here’s a super-successful client story of how our mobile app development team built a waste selling and buying platform for a Singaporean client.

Requirement Outline

The client is a leading socially responsible entrepreneur from Singapore currently based in Indonesia. He initially shared his app idea with our founder Hugo Messer to inquire if we could collaborate on this initiative. The basic function of this app is to enable finding, buying, selling, and bidding of waste materials nearby.

The client needed an adept team of Android app developers to develop a multi-language, multi-currency, and location-aware mobile app that also works offline. We rolled out the functional MVP on the app store on time.

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Our Approach and Solutions

    • Followed the ‘Distributed Agile Team’ service model
    • Offered a SCRUM team with cross-functional skillsets
    • Held elaborate grooming meetings with the client to refine the idea
    • Categorized user stories Sprint-wise to clearly understand product features
    • Finalized the essential MVP features to test the business idea
    • Completed the project in 3 Sprints, delivering a demo in each

Highlights of the Project

  • After each demo in Sprint, the client came back with lots of suggestions from the stakeholders. Our team smartly dealt with scope enhancements, feature changes, and early feedback.
  • We accommodated all the possible changes through proper prioritization taking into account the business value of the product. Our focus was to hit the market with killer features as soon as possible. We saved some variations and additions to the backlog and are currently implementing them for the next release.
  • Being a self-organized team, we were passionate to understand the client’s business goals. We proactively suggested some features to serve the purpose of an effective MVP.

Technologies Used

Android tech stack - Kotlin, FCM, MVVM, SQLite, Glide
FE & BE tech Stack - Lumen (PHP Framework), MySQL, Vue JS & Nuxt JS

The Outcome

The timely release of the mobile app has enabled the client to have all the benefits of the go-to-market-fast strategy. He could react to changes and customer desires in a swift and enhanced manner. He could manage challenges smartly along with establishing a clear path for future growth.

Our mobile app development team is currently building the iOS version of the app as the client is getting multiple inquiries from around the world.

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