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JULO is an innovative technology financial company based in Indonesia.

Requirement Outline

JULO specializes in offering unsecured online loan solutions (KTA) to the public in Indonesia through a smartphone application base. They approached Bridge to give backend support to their accounting CRM.

The client wanted our expert hands to build a system that would validate customers, authenticate their credibility, and create an approval process before auto triggering SMS/email/voice notifications. They required to scale up the application by shifting their existing architecture to microservices architecture.

The client also wanted us to integrate the backend functionalities of sending reminder SMS, emails, and voice calls to borrowers at specified intervals before the loan due date. The app should also send notifications during festive seasons about special offers such as lottery draw, loan interest reduction, etc.

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Developed API for their Android loan application
  • Enhanced the architecture
  • Integrated CircleCI (Continuous Integration) with Alibaba Cloud Hosting
  • Onsite QA and Development help
  • Laid out a proper QA process and made their globally distributed QA team Agile
  • Executed both Manual and Automation testing
  • Documented all processes and made everything process-oriented
  • Offered basic digital marketing help giving them enhanced online visibility.
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Highlights of the Collaboration

  • Collaboration started with a few Python backend developers and grew steadily to include QA as well.
  • A few of our PHP developers learned Python to meet some of the emergency requirements, and we stayed as a truly cross-functional and tech-independent team!
  • Our QA experts worked onsite to set organizational level QA standards and ensured an excellent overall quality.


Django, HTML, jQuery, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Robot Framework Selenium

The Outcome

The collaboration has been steadily growing, helping the client in their mission to give easy and affordable credit access to help the community to meet financial needs, improve quality of life and increase the country's economic turnaround.

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