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Having web-based facility maintenance & management application is an efficient way to track maintenance costs, schedule services, manage vendors, and customize alerts for better control. This helps facility managers to create and approve work orders smartly and efficiently. An intuitive web app with the needed features and functionalities makes the work of maintenance specialists well-organized and meets the present and future challenges of facility management experts.

Here is a client story of how we are helping a leading Dutch architecture and planning firm with an improved building management web app.

Requirement Outline

Premark Advies & Architectuur is a specialized architectural consultancy in the Netherlands. They approached us to revamp their legacy web-based building maintenance and management system. They wanted to improve its look and feel while maintaining the same functionalities.

The web app is primarily a web-based system that streamlines the daily maintenance (electrical, plumbing, and other) of buildings, for both clients and contractors.

We are serving their needs through our Agile Projects service model as they don’t have an in-house team. They needed a rightly-skilled project team that can shoulder the end-to-end responsibility of their project.

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Formed a custom-made project team of developers and QAs
  • Analyzed the existing features and designs and suggested improvement
  • Offered an intuitive UI/UX that does not confuse the existing users
  • Added additional features to enhance the existing functionalities
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Key Highlights

  • Premark is a business referral from one of our longstanding Dutch clients. It’s happy to see that our efforts to offer great customer experiences are giving us high-quality word-of-mouth referrals.

Challenges Involved

  • As it is a non-English speaking client, our agent in the Netherlands acts as the mediator to ease the communication process. Our developers are successfully overcoming the communication barrier by getting their messages through using the right digital channels and close collaboration. In order to deliver the right solution, we referred to their existing web app and source code to grasp the exact requirements.


Lumen (Laravel based API framework), Nuxtjs (Vue. js-based frontend framework), MySql

The Outcome

It is an ongoing project and our aim is to help the client transform their legacy web application into a seamless building maintenance platform that facilitates and controls all kinds of upkeep activities.

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