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What can and cannot be done remotely?

12 September 2012 Communication

In the Netherlands, home-working has been growing rapidly in the past years. Existing companies are stimulating people to work (partly) from home, creating flexible desks in their offices. Many people become freelancers and work where and when they want. And …

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Five lethal mistakes in offshore software development

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there are far-away lands where the best and brightest youths flock to science and technology schools. They emerge a few years later in hoards of brilliant and eager software developers. Why not put them to …

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What is the role of empathy in an offshoring context?

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Technical University in Delft and one of my topics was ’empathy’. I always get some questioning faces when I present a slide with a definition of empathy on it. Normally, technologists get taught about …

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How software developers can overcome Cross-Cultural Communication mistakes in IT offshoring?

  The IT talent pool available in India is highly skilled. These educated IT professionals are good English speakers. They should always try to go that extra mile in cross-cultural communication to understand customer’s needs when working in an IT offshore project. …

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Managing Agile Projects

More and more organizations are adopting Agile ways of working. The descriptions of Agile methods give much guidance on how to work agile on the team level. They describe the practices and support the set-up of Agile teams. But there …

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