10 December 2015

SQL Query writing: Best practices

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Technical Manager of Bridge Global with 12+ years IT experience who has been mastered in every SDLC process via own experience. Client relations in a technical and process perspective and more importantly focussed on result oriented approaches, makes him stand out. Domain knowledge of Finance, CRM, Product development, Travel & tourism, Education are some of the verticals worth mentioning. Technology know-how of both Open source and Microsoft along with Cloud exposure & DB expertise, blended with best situational handling capabilities & quick results is what his own clients recommend him for! Is a very good Agile practitioner too with CSM certification.

5 thoughts on “SQL Query writing: Best practices
  1. As most of us are using SQL server Management Studio Express IDE, its easy to see the execution plan and missing indexes. In the tool bar itself there is an icon that says ‘Include Actual Execution plan (Ctrl + M)’. You can use it to measure the performance of query.

  2. On Addition to the above points, i would like to suggest ,
    Practice proper use of CASE statements.
    Try to avoid using, Updates to temporary tables or unnecessary UNION’s in your Query. Instead practice proper use of CASE.

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