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The True Definition of Success for Software Projects

The Challenge in Defining True Success Let’s examine the question of the classic definition of on time, on budget, of high quality, with the expected features as a traditional measure of success. Is it possible for a project to meet …

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Advanced Planning with Open Source

Most of you will know renowed Open Source applications, like Joomla and WordPress for Content Management. Some applications however, are less familiar, but nothing less useful or powerful. As consultant specialized in planning and forecasting, I use a lot of …

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Why focus on requirements?

10 September 2009 Outsourcing

I just read an interesting article from Bob Larivee of AIIM (‘Requirements, we don’t need any requirements’ ) about the importance of requirements. He writes ‘Know where you want to go and how you want to work then address the …

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Inside perspective: how to develop a medium sized web project

In our series ‘inside perspective’, we describe the development process of Bridge in launching medium sized web projects. In this article our developer Aneesh describes his experience with Rentautobus. The project Rentautobus is one of the best projects I have …

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4 Impressive Blog Designs

What is a blog? What are the main features of a blog? A series of questions arise. According to Wikipedia a blog is usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other materials such …

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