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Dave Clarke is an experienced technology and business executive and consultant who has served as CIO and CTO for some of the world’s best known organizations, including GORE, General Motors, and the American Red Cross. He has also been a technology leadership and sourcing advisory partner with Tatum. He is currently Vice President at GXS, where he has led both offshore and outsourced initiatives and operations.

How to successfully achieve Speed and Agility with Outsourcing?Hoe verzeker je snelheid en behendigheid bij outsourcing?Hur man uppnår ett snabbt och smidigt arbetssätt med outsourcing? Wie erreicht man erfolgreich Schnelligkeit und Beweglichkeit mit Outsourcing?

Have you ever tried to move a car or some other heavy object from a dead standstill?  It’s much harder to steer a car that’s barely moving than one that is already moving at a good rate of speed.  Likewise, it’s hard …

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Social Networks in OffshoringSociale Netwerken in offshoringSocial Networks in OffshoringSoziale Netzwerke beim Offshoring

Offshore initiatives offer many benefits, particularly on the financial side, and also come with several risks.  As with any major initiative, developing a plan to mitigate the risks is essential.  A source of risk that is seldom considered, however, is …

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