What is the difference between an Indian and Eastern European programmer?

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4 thoughts on “What is the difference between an Indian and Eastern European programmer?
  1. Well said! Key point here is Interest. If you are forced engineer you would only build what you are asked for. But if you breathe IT, programming and technology then only you will work for innovation. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Good article!. In India there are a lot of students who select an IT career for getting a well paid job right after finishing their studies. They choose it before knowing what they love to do. This definitely makes a lot of average quality programmers in India, in between many good programmers.

    From my experience working in Western Europe, most of the programmers I met were really passionate about technology and they were doing it from school days, means they love to do it.

    So, I think the average quality can depend on the reasons for becoming a programmer.

  3. In the Middle East especially Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt; the young generation has started to breath technology. We have high caliber of programmers and developers who match international skills with even higher job productivity rate.

  4. I think that the article fails to address perhaps the most important aspect – team work. A stand alone developer can be good or bad in both locations. What matters in a big project is the team work and communication. From my experience, companies from Eastern Europe tend to win in both of these aspect. They rather under-promise and over-deliver while for companies in India it is the opposite. Vincent from Virtual Division (http://virtual-division.com/outsource_it_projects/)